Glesener Apartments

10 Accessible, Affordable Apartment Units include:

  • 4 wheelchair accessible units,

  • 6 single bedroom units,

  • 3 double bedroom units,

  • 1 unit has 3 bedrooms,

  • a Care Attendant office,

  • a foyer area for recreation, socialization & congregate meal activities

  • a landscaped community park outside with a “backyard” area with picnic tables,  grill, and  benches.

Glesener’s, Inc. is a licensed Assisted Living and Housing with Services facility with  services 24 hours a day.  Glesener’s, Inc. also has a host contract with Renville County to provide TBI and CADI  Waivered Services as needed, which include Independent Living Skills, Behavior Management, Homemaking, Adult Day Program, and Transportation services.

Glesener Apartments are unfurnished, but do include a stove and refrigerator.  Hallway skylights provide abundant natural lighting.  A call system is available for any tenant requiring special immediate staff attention.  Tenants who meet income guidelines are eligible for Section 8 Rental Assistance Certificates in the single bedroom apartments.

Residential Admin: Karen Wenz

Nurses: Debb Semon, RN,  Denise Seidl, LPN & Diane Adamski, LPN

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