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(program hours 10 AM-3:30 PM, Monday-Friday)

independent living skills| cooking|using cognitive & teamwork skills|work readiness

MAIN Street Adult Day Program of Glesener’s, Inc. is designed specifically for adult survivors of traumatic brain injury and is licensed for up to 24 clients. The program helps maximize the physical and emotional health of participants by providing physical exercise, health and nutritional range of motion physical exercises monitoring, meaningful daytime activities, opportunities for socialization and support from other survivors through music, art and craft activities, and many therapeutic cognitive social activities. A consulting Neuropsychologist assists in client program development. On site therapy assessments are done quarterly in the MAIN Street program. Outpatient Speech/Cognitive, Physical, and Occupational Therapists are available through Big Stone Therapy at the Renville County Hospital.  Computers and internet access are also available to program participants.

Mission: To provide an interactive environment in which adults who have sustained a brain injury are encouraged on an individual basis to explore and develop a daytime lifestyle that includes opportunities for work skills, avocational interests (hobbies), development of daily living skills, health social & communication skills maintenance, personal growth in cognitive, social, communication, and physical skills. The exploration and development will be based upon their personally set goals and through guided individual and group activities including survivor mentorships, professional services, community orientation and integration, and empowerment.

Consulting Professionals:

  • Physical Therapist
  • Occupational Therapist
  • Speech/Cognitive Therapist
  • Neuropsychologist
  • Chemical Dependency Counselor
  • Registered Nurse
  • Public Health Nursing
  • County Extension Services

Program Director: LeAnn Gass

Program Coordinators: Heather Gee & Holly Weidauer

Program Nurse: Diane Adamski, LPN

Glesener’s, Inc Phone #: 320-365-3823 (extension #’s  on Contact Us & Directory)

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